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I love encouraging people to sing.  I do this by working with sometimes very timid, rusty, ‘oh my family say I can’t sing, but I love it’ singers, working off the page learning songs in parts and generally having fun getting the voice up and running.  When you haven’t sung in a choir for some time, getting used to the sounds this brings about can take some time.  People very easily get put off when other parts are introduced - but it doesn’t matter!  My theory is that it’s INCREDIBLY hard to sing the wrong note in a harmonic chord so the chances are you’ll end up singing something that fits because our brain likes it! 

There’s been masses of research done to show the benefits of singing.  Not only socially (although I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of it.  As communities we have moved away from group entertainment as we are all shut in our homes watching tv.) singing is good for your health.  Great for forcing you to breathe deeply, getting some of those ‘feel good’ endorphins buzzing about.  Singing is the cheapest instrument, we’ve all got one and EVERYONE CAN SING!

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I love spending time in this fantastic part of Devon and encouraging people to sing is something I'm passionate about. I've already made lots of wonderful friends and sharing voices like this is a great lift to the spirits.  Beer welcomed the idea of Seriously Occasional Singers with open arms and the group is now strongly established. As a result I am starting a ladies only group (Seaton Babes and Ballads) in Seaton in the Town Hall. This group will work on female based repertoire and hopefully will give everybody an evening to or for themselves.

For more information on either of these groups go to their page.

So if this idea appeals to you and you would like an SOS in your area, please contact me by email dizzysop@hotmail.com and I’ll see what I can do to help. 

John Rutter: "Over 300 people attended the John Rutter workshop and we are delighted with how the day went. The feedback has been brilliant and Gayle masterminded a day that organisationally went really well. Thank you to everybody who helped and to all of you who attended" Here are some photos from the event. To see them slightly larger and all the others CLICK HERE!